Sunday, January 3, 2010

STASH, you are EBIL!!!!!

So today, another stab at sorting the EBIL STASH!  I spent about 1 hour sorting, trying to make sense of the stash built up over several years.  Some of the yarn, I have no idea why it's in my possession.  I'm stacking it in baskets and clear bags in a bookcase.  The top shelf holds patterns and reference book.  Now, at least I can see my yarnshame.  I promised myself that I would complete current projects, get out UFOs to turn them into FOs and NOT BRING IN ANY MORE YARN!!!! ::head hanging here::  I could not resist some beautiful Italian cotton blend yarn (14 skeins) I saw, on sale, at the Naked Sheep (Queen St. the Beaches) this past week.  There is a reason for the 'extravagance' ( $36) is that I have a hankering for a cotton summer tank and cardi for which I do have a pattern.  Time  to get back to the sorting, while the slow cooker does its job of making Chile.  Yum!


  1. Sounds like fun but busy times!! Thanks so much for your amazing comment on my blog. i really appreciate you taking the time :0)

  2. Well now...don't feel badly--you are not alone in the yarn hoarding department. I think we all do this. I got a loom for Christmas (or I will have one as soon as Schact ships it to the yarn store), and it promises to help me soar through all of that sock yarn that's overtaken my home. Sadly, I went to a yarn sale and bought more yarn to use to go with my proposed weaving projects.