Thursday, May 12, 2016


This is an easy to knit cowl.  I named it Seeds of Love because I loved knitting it and of course Seed Stitch.  You might  finish this version in one evening or afternoon .  A longer version that wraps around twice can be found on Ravelry under the name Gap-tastic  Cowl.  It is a free pattern and quite easy and fun to knit  My version is smaller and fits over the head and close to the neck.
Yarn: Medium weight 6 ply, or even lighter weight if that is what you have stashed.  The weight of the yarn affects the density of the knit, so try a swatch of 4" X 4" to see how you like the density of your yarn for this project.
Needles:  6mm or us 10 or the size your yarn recommends.
Gauge: Does not apply for this project.
 PATTERN:  Measure around your head and add 6 inches to get the width of the cowl
Cast on an odd number of stitches, that will be the length that you measured to fit over your head plus the ease of 6 inches.
First Row:  Placing a marker after the last cast on stitch you will be joining, without twisting, the first cast on to the last cast on stitch by knitting into that stitch. Next stitch, Purl. Next Knit 1, Purl 1  etc. to the stitch marker you placed.  This marker will remind you that you are starting another row.  Now you will in the next row, knit the purl stitches and purl the knit stitches. Refer to the picture above and you will see how the K1 where in the previous row the stitch was a P1, that you will get the "seed" effect.  Transfer the marker from the left needle to the right as you start another row.   Follow this K1, P1 on all rows until the cowl is the length you want, .  Cast off loosely and after cutting off a length of yarn about 6 inches from the last stitch, weave that yarn end into the cowl.  Wash and block as advised on the yarn label.  So, there you are.  A lovely cowl to keep or gift.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Cowl called THE WALL

I named it The Wall because I am a fan of Game Of a Thrones, and this cowl holds back the cold of Winter!  It's a simple knit on 2 needles, knit like a scarf, only shorter and the first and last rows are sewn together.  It' s reversible and versatile.
Ingredients:  A skein of bulky yarn for warmth in  white, or any colour you fancy.  Needles as recommended on the yarn label.  Gauge, does not matter.
Pattern as follows:.  Cast on  72 stitches.  Slip the 1st, knit the next 3 sts, (every row). Knit 4, Purl 4 to the last 4 sts  Knit the next 4 sts. (every row)
Continue this  4 st. Rib and the knit  every row the first and last 4 sts., with the slip 1st stitch until you can fit it around your head loosely.  Cast off loosely.  Then sew the beginning and last row together.
If you want a looser,, Lacey look, you can use finer yarn and a larger needle set.  Knit more rows to make it longer, almost, or even to, scarf length.  Another hack is to use two different sizes of needle, such as a 6mm and a 10mm, so that you get a really stretchy, loose look.
If you want to make a scarf, I recommend after casting on, to knit every row for 6 rows  using the smaller needles together (then do the larger needle, smaller needle knit) and when you decide the scarf is long enough, knit every row for the next 6 rows ( using the smaller need,lea) and then cast off loosely.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Five Cable Cowl

This Cowl Pattern is my own design, based on many cable stitched items I have made in the past.  It is a simple cable, and a good tutorial (in my 'modest' opinion), that may inspire one to do more complicated cable patterns.  It is a pattern that can be modified to be a little narrower for a scarf, or made larger to be a medium to large blanket/throw, just cast on more stitches, remembering to include the Edgeings and knitting several  (I recommend no fewer than 6)  rows of ribbing at the beginning and end of your blanket.                         

 Five Cables Cowl     An Original Pattern by Ann of Green Cables.
Feel free to share for No Charge.  I would appreciate  an Acknowledgement if you like the Pattern.
Please read the whole pattern through so that you are familiar with the stitches and terminology.
There is *Additional pattern information at the end of the instructions  in regards to adjusting the pattern for other uses. 

Yarn Info:  Red Heart Soft Solids & Heather   Light Grey Heather Colorway, Aran 10 ply
You can choose to use another color or combination of colors or Yarn that gives the guage.
Needles 5.5 or 6 to get gauge of 8 rows= 2''
Length 24''   Width  12''

Pattern:  Cast on 56 Stitches
Do NOT count the cast on row as Row 1.
Row 1:  (this is the wrong side of your work, as are all odd rows)
Slip 1st stitch Knitwise; knit 4; purl 6; k4; p6; k4; p6; k4; p6; k4; p6; k5 (end of Row 1)
Row 2:  (this is the right side of work, as are all even rows)
Slip 1st stitch knitways;  k10; p4; k6; p4; k6 p4; k6; p4; k10; k1 (end of row 2)
R 3:  Repeat Row 1
R 4:  Repeat Row 2
R 5:  Repeat Row 1
R 6:  Repeat Row 2
R 7:  Repeat Row 1
Row 8:  This is the Cable Row:
Slip the first stitch knitwise;  Knit 4; Now you are going to make the First cable: Using a stitch holder/cable needle,
slip next 3 stitches knitwise onto the holder.
Hold these stitches at the Back of the work.  Knit the next 3 stitches from the left needle onto the right needle.
Now, transfer the 3 held stitches from the holder onto the left needle, knitwise.
Knit these 3 stitches.  This is your first cable.  It may look 'weird', but it will look better as you progress.
Purl 4 sts.; 
 Second Cable:  place next 3 sts onto holder and hold at Front of work;
Knit the next 3 sts. onto the right needle.  Now knit the 3 sts from the holder onto the right needle.  Cable formed.
Purl 4 sts.;
Third Cable; place next 3 sts onto holder and hold at Back of work.  Knit 3 sts.; Knit 3 sts from holder.
Purl 4 sts.
 Fourth Cable:  Place next 3 sts.  onto holder and hold in Front of work.  Knit 3 sts.; Knit 3 sts from holder.
Purl 4 sts.;
Fifth Cable:  Place next3 sts. onto holder and hold in Bac of work.  Knit 3 sts.; Knit 3 sts. from holder.
Knit 4sts.  knit last stitch.
These Rows 1 to 8 are to be repeated as many times as you wish.
When the piece is as long as you want it to be, cast off loosely Purl wise.  Join ends together to form cowl.
*Additional information:  If you wish to make a scarf, cast on 36 stitches.  This will give you 3 cables.
Adjusting the stitch count to 36, will eliminate 2 cables, so after the third cable you will knit 4 sts and knit the last stitch.
If you choose to make a scarf, you may want to first knit a few Rib stitch rows in a pattern of your choice, e.g.: k 2; p2 or any
decorative rib stitch, such as a twisted or k 4 p 4. and end the same way, casting off loosely to keep the stretch inherent in Rib stitch.
If you have read the pattern you may realize that you are slipping the first stitch of every row knitwise and knitting the last
stitch of every row.  You are also, by knitting the first 4 and last 4 stitches of every row, making a firm top and bottom
edge, or if making a scarf, a firm side edge.

Here you go, have fun and if you get stuck, use the comments section to 'Hound' me!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Side Button Cardi

This side buttoned cardigan was knit for my daughter last year (2014) for her birthday. The pattern was purchased and when I find it I'll post the name here

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Howdee.  Haven't posted for a loooong time on here.  I meant this blog to be strictly knitting posts. I have been knitting and should have put up pics, but, ya know....the road to Hell....and all a dat!
So, here are some pics of my latest projects.


                                      WINTER HAT
                               EAR WARMER/HEAD BAND
                       MAGIC COWL THAT CAN BE A COLLAR
                     COWL UNBUTTONED TO BE A COLLAR

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Haven't posted for a while.  Summer vaycay and other stuff.  Still keeping up with the knitting.  Even did some on the beach with two of my granddaughters, ages 14 and 7.  I decided to try a shrug pattern, but didn't like the finished shrug, so I tinked it and now I'm knitting it into a pink turtleneck sweater with a cable on one side.  I'm in the midst of losing some weight (20 pounds to go) so I'm making it a size (maybe 2?) smaller than my usual XL and we'll see how it toins out!  I'm using the bamboo yarn I got at such a bargoon and it feels so nice on the needles. Well, I'm not feeling too clever today so I'll just say TTFN !

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

She Shops, She Scores!!!!

Holy Knitting Needles Batman!  I was at Zeller's yesterday and as usual, told myself that I was not going to buy any yarn.  Oh those sneaky Gods of Yarn!  They made me pass by a table with yarn on it at ridiculously low sale prices! I saw some lovely bamboo yarn in a soft pink and it was marked down from $4.97 to $0.83!!!! There were 17 balls all the same dye lot and I bought them all! It is sooooo soft and sooo pretty.  I don't know what it will become, but I have it next to me and when it decides what it will knit into, I will droolingly start to knit or crochet something beautiful.  Perhaps I will take it to my daughter's  Georgian Bay cottage and knit while sitting on the beach enjoying the sun, sand, and a wine cooler.  Oh ya!  Everytime I wear or use the finished project I will remember the place where I made it.  Yep, that's what I'll do.  "Sitting  on the dock of the bay, knittin' my time away...."