Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Cowl called THE WALL

I named it The Wall because I am a fan of Game Of a Thrones, and this cowl holds back the cold of Winter!  It's a simple knit on 2 needles, knit like a scarf, only shorter and the first and last rows are sewn together.  It' s reversible and versatile.
Ingredients:  A skein of bulky yarn for warmth in  white, or any colour you fancy.  Needles as recommended on the yarn label.  Gauge, does not matter.
Pattern as follows:.  Cast on  72 stitches.  Slip the 1st, knit the next 3 sts, (every row). Knit 4, Purl 4 to the last 4 sts  Knit the next 4 sts. (every row)
Continue this  4 st. Rib and the knit  every row the first and last 4 sts., with the slip 1st stitch until you can fit it around your head loosely.  Cast off loosely.  Then sew the beginning and last row together.
If you want a looser,, Lacey look, you can use finer yarn and a larger needle set.  Knit more rows to make it longer, almost, or even to, scarf length.  Another hack is to use two different sizes of needle, such as a 6mm and a 10mm, so that you get a really stretchy, loose look.
If you want to make a scarf, I recommend after casting on, to knit every row for 6 rows  using the smaller needles together (then do the larger needle, smaller needle knit) and when you decide the scarf is long enough, knit every row for the next 6 rows ( using the smaller need,lea) and then cast off loosely.

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