Wednesday, July 14, 2010

She Shops, She Scores!!!!

Holy Knitting Needles Batman!  I was at Zeller's yesterday and as usual, told myself that I was not going to buy any yarn.  Oh those sneaky Gods of Yarn!  They made me pass by a table with yarn on it at ridiculously low sale prices! I saw some lovely bamboo yarn in a soft pink and it was marked down from $4.97 to $0.83!!!! There were 17 balls all the same dye lot and I bought them all! It is sooooo soft and sooo pretty.  I don't know what it will become, but I have it next to me and when it decides what it will knit into, I will droolingly start to knit or crochet something beautiful.  Perhaps I will take it to my daughter's  Georgian Bay cottage and knit while sitting on the beach enjoying the sun, sand, and a wine cooler.  Oh ya!  Everytime I wear or use the finished project I will remember the place where I made it.  Yep, that's what I'll do.  "Sitting  on the dock of the bay, knittin' my time away...."

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