Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So I bought some beautiful cotton blend yarn (at a deal of a price) in December and started 2 weeks ago, finally, to knit with it. It's call KIM, manufactured in Italy. Very easy to work with. I picked a pattern and knit the front in a lace-type pattern. Beautiful to look at, but, when I looked at the finished piece it just was too heavy-looking and also started to sag. Well, I tinked it and put the time spent knitting it as a learning process. Now I'm starting a new project-a lacey cardigan embellished with pearl buttons. The pattern is from the May 2008, Creative Knitting magazine, page 28, Pearl-Trimmed Cardigan. We'll see how this works out.


  1. Best to rip out what you know doesn't appeal to you and would hang around unloved. You're right, it's a process and each project teaches us something new...even if it's just how to rip and rewind faster.

  2. I wish I had the patience and skill required for knitting.