Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where Was I?

Doesn't she look ambitious?  At the very least she will be able to crush anyone with those thighs, while she knits them a tensor bandage! 
I've been wrapped up myself in various challenges that life has thrown my way.  The good thing is that I'm really getting healthy again.  I thought I was okay for my age..70 plus, but after a visit with my physician 3 months ago I found out that my miscreant ways with food and hardly any reall physical endevours were catching up with me. So, I put down the knife, fork, knitting and put on my Boogey Shoes aka Nike walkers/runners and got outside.  With my friend Sher, I joined Weight Watchers again.  Last time was in 1977!  I had forgotten how much fun those meetings can be.  I have to watch myself that I don't talk too much, I love being around such positivity!
My knitting hasn't suffered.  Still like to pick up new projects, and something made me pick out some of my stash yarn and start to make little shawls/wraps.  No pattern, just outta the head.  I've completed  3 of them and now I think I want to use a more complicated pattern, maybe lace. That challenge will make me use the brain cells for sure. 
So long for now.

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